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Rewinding (1 Phase, 2 Phase, 3 Phase)
HT MOTORS - Rewinding, Repairing & Servicing Rotating Machines
All types of Motors

Our Products

  • HT Capacitor Coil Manufactures

    HT Capacitor Coil Manufactures

  • Rotor Dynamic Balancing

    Rotor Dynamic Balancing

  • 750 kva Rotor Rewind

    750 kva Rotor Rewind


HI-TECH ENGINEERS (HT), are among the Pioneers in the field of Re-Pairing, Re-winding & Reconditioning of Indian and Imported H.T / L.T, A.C. and D.C. Electric Motors, Generators, Turbo – Alternators.

About us

HI-TECH ENGINEERS INDIA, Equipped with most up-to-date Testing & Handling Equipments, repairing and testing of Rotating Electrical machineries. We are using the latest insulating and conducting materials. All processes are carried out by Experienced Technicians under the supervision of qualified Engineers. Expertise in Diagnosis, Repairs, Re-windings, Over-hauling and Testing for all LT/ HT - AC & DC Motors, Generators and Alternators up to 1.2 MW capacity.

1 Phase, 2 Phase, 3 Phase Transformers (LT/HT), Servo Transformers, Auto Transformers, Step-Down, Step-up Transformers Specialization in Rewinding of HT Motors that to specifically having expertise in DC motors along with AC. Rebuild of worn out Shaft and Housing, Shaft Replacement, Welding, Re staggering of Stator/ Rotor Cores. Read More