Our Parent Company is M/s.INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERS(INDIA) Group of Company www.industrialengineersindia.com

About us

HITECH ENGINEERS is one of the leading reputed and technologically advanced Electrical Rotating machinery service works facility based in Chennai.

We undertake specialized repair, rewinding, and servicing of medium and large capacity A.C. motors (L.T./H.T.), DC Motors alternators / generators, medium and large type magnetic coils & transformers. HITECH ENGINEERS are fully equipped with all modern infrastructure required for Rewinding, Repairing, handling, and testing We are using latest insulating materials, Dual copper wires materials conforming to International standards.

Our Mission

HITECH ENGINEERS growing economies, having one of the largest pool of technical manpower. Our core strength lies in advanced technologies and innovations undertaken in the entire process.

Our mission is to be the leader in all we do by using our extensive experience and knowledge to provide excellence in services, ensuring that all customers receive the highest standard of excellence, expertise and responsiveness.

Round Wires Windings
Power Plant Motors

What We Do

HITECH ENGINEERS(HT) having Rewinding, Repairing & Servicing facilities. All Type of Electric H/T, L/T, A/C, D/C, KVA,W/ KW motors, Power Plant MOTORS, GENERATORS, Round Wires Windings, STRIP Windings, EDDY Current Motors, ARMATURE Windings, EDDY Current Magnet Coils, Welding Equipments, Rectifiers, Power Transformers, Control Transformers, Re-Windings, Re-Pairings, & Over Hauling works.

We are having Rewinding facilities for up to 1500 HP Induction (Slip ring) Motor, 2100 KVA, LT Generator up to 2100 KVA(L.T). 5.5KV motors (H.T) With Synchronizing, AVR, all KVA 11kv/415 Volt Transformer, 650 HP DC, Motor Rewinding (Strip winding) & Repairing is backed by Technically qualified Service personnel, who are expert in their respected field, Our Team is built up motivated Hard working & Young People with more than 2 Decades of professional Experience in all respects.